New*: Buffalo and sheep milk yoghurt

‘DOBREV’ starts the production of buffalo and sheep yoghurt. The new products in the yoghurt category are made by original Bulgarian recipes, meet quality standards and are 100% natural.

From May 2012 on the market you can find:

* Sheep milk yoghurt – 6.5%:

– pasteurized sheep’s milk, yeast

* Buffalo milk yoghurt – 7.5%:

– pasteurized buffalo milk, yeast

Apart from them, DOBREV’s Cheese Store launches another new product in June 2012:

* Strained yogurt with excellent, creamy flavor:

– pasteurized cow’s milk, yeast

Try the new ‘DOBREV’ yoghurts – natural or in combination with fruits and enjoy the fresh taste!


The Cheese Store of DOBREV

In September 2011 ‘DOBREV’ opened its first cheese store, where the company offers its high quality and delicious dairy products combined with excellent service.

DOBREV’s Cheese Store is a shop with its own atmosphere, where you will find selected products that meet the concept of delicious, natural food and healthy lifestyle.

Main accent in the range are dairy products offered in a wide variety, that guarantees a lovely journey into the world of cheese and real delight for senses. Besides ‘Dobrev’ dairy, you can find various types of cheese by selected manufacturers from abroad, dried and smoked meats, pasta and wine.

DOBREV’s Cheese Store has also a kitchen, where you can find freshly prepared sandwiches and salads, several desserts and lemonade prepared by original family recipes with a unique taste.

Welcome to DOBREV’s Cheese Store!

Find us in Sofia, Bulgaria at 31, Frityof Nansen Str. near the National Palace of Culture.