Caciotta is cheese made from whole milk – cow, sheep, buffalo or a mixture. It comes from the region of Tuscany (Central Italy) and is used as a generalized name for different cheeses. The original Italian recipe that is used for the production of ‘Dobrev’ caciotta defines the product as a young pecorino.

‘Dobrev’ caciotta has rather smooth milky taste, accompanied by a nice creamy finish. Its color is white and shades may vary depending on the type of milk and maturation time.


* ‘Dobrev’ caciotta – Mista:
– 50% buffalo and 50 % cow’s milk, yeast, salt

* ‘Dobrev’ caciotta – buffalo:
– high quality buffalo’s milk, yeast, salt

* ‘Dobrev’ caciotta – sheep:
– high quality sheep’s milk, yeast, salt

* ‘Dobrev’ caciotta – cow:
– high quality cow’s milk, yeast, salt

* ‘Dobrev’ caciotta – special (with olives/ peppers):
– 50% buffalo and 50 % cow’s milk, green olives/ red peppers, yeast, salt

Maturity: min. 45 days

Storage: 4-6°C in fridge

Best use: up to 6 months

Suitable for: direct consumption and culinary – appetizers, main courses, finishes

Product without preservatives!