Dairy pates

‘Dobrev’ flavored dairy pates are well-balanced combinations of dairy and spices. Prepared using authentic recipes of the company and specialists from the region, these products offer a variety of flavors and present some of the culinary delights that can be created with a dose of imagination.


* ‘Dragushinovo’ rustic pate:
– defatted curd, red pepper, savory, some pepper

* Curd with olive oil and dill:
– curd, olive oil, dill, some garlic

* Cream cheese:
– curd, white brined cheese, cream, yeast

* Cheese pate:
– white brined cheese, cream

* Schmierkase:
– white brined cheese, cream, spices, some pepper

* Cheese with olive oil and basil:
– white brined cheese, basil, olive oil etc.

Storage: 2-6°C in fridge

Best use: up to 20 days

Suitable for: direct consumption and culinary

Product without preservatives!

– rustic pate:                                0.55 lv. / 100 gr.
– curd with olive oil and dill:       0.55 lv. / 100 gr.
– cream cheese:                           0.69 lv. / 100 gr.
– schmierkase:                              1.20 lv. / 100 gr.
– cheese with olive oil and basil: 1.19 lv. / 100 gr.