‘Dobrev’ yoghurts are produced from 100% natural, selected milk by traditional recipes. Loved by young and old, ‘Dobrev’ yoghurts have their place at the table as natural and healthy products.


* Cow milk yoghurt – 3,6%:
– plain pasteurized cow’s milk, yeast

* Cow milk yoghurt – 2%:
–  low-fat pasteurized cow’s milk, yeast

* Sheep milk yoghurt – 6.5%:
– plain pasteurized sheep’s milk, yeast

* Buffalo milk yoghurt –  7.5%:
– plain pasteurized buffalo’s milk, yeast

* Strained yoghurt – excellent cream taste:
– plain pasteurized cow’s milk, yeast

Storage: 2-6°C in fridge

Best use: up to 10 days

Suitable for: direct consumption and culinary

Product without preservatives!